Employment Law update - Workplace Relations Bill 2004

The Workplace Relations Bill 2014, which the government hopes to enact in the coming months, aims to deliver ‘a world-class workplace relations service which is simple to use, independent, effective, impartial, cost-effective and provides for workable means of redress and enforcement, within a reasonable period of time.’

Key Reforms

Although there will likely be amendments, as the Bill passes through the Dail and Senate, the Bill proposes the following key reforms:

  • The functions currently fulfilled by the Labour Relations Commission, the Equality Tribunal, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (at first instance) and the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) will be amalgamated into a single body to be known as the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).
  • The WRC which will deal with Workplace complaints in the first instance, and the Labour Court which will hear all appeals from the WRC.
  • The Labour Court will be re-organised and assume the appeals function of the EAT.
  • Existing functions of the Labour Relations Commission (including Conciliation, Workplace Mediation, and Advisory Services) will be carried out by the WRC.
  • Once they have completed current cases, the Labour Relations Commission and the Employment Appeals Tribunal will be dissolved.

What is key to be aware of, is that this Bill places a strong emphasis on the early resolution of disputes. Thus an Early Resolution Service will be offered by the WRC in appropriate cases prior to a decision being made. Although participation in such early resolution procedures is voluntary, the agreement will be confidential and binding on both parties.


It is proposed that there will be a new common procedure for the presentation of complaints under employment rights legislation. 


The above summary is a brief snapshot of highlights from the Workplace Relations Bill 2014.  Any individual who wishes to obtain more details should consult the Bill.  As a final comment I should repeat that there may well be amendments to the ultimate legislation as it passes through the Oireachtas. 


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