The Best Way to Engage in Good Pre-Discipline Processes in the Workplace

The key areas that discipline concerns itself with are both the individual’s behaviour at work and also their job performance.

 Before engaging in the disciplinary process you must engage in some pre-disciplinary processes. These processes should focus on informal ways of trying to improve an individual’s behaviour or performance.

Managers should provide clarity to all employees as to what is expected of them regarding acceptable performance and standards of personal behaviour within the workplace.

This is key for those employees whose behaviour or performance may be deemed as falling below par. In these circumstances the Manager/Team Leader should make every effort to attempt to informally improve the employee’s behaviour or performance before engaging in a disciplinary procedure.

Some managers have their own personal approach to providing this kind of clarity for employees, but we advocate a simple D E F T process for doing this:

  • D = Dialogue, where good open communication should be maintained with the employee in question
  • E = Expectations should be clarified between the manager and employee regarding the job, and show where appropriate the gap between current and required behaviour or performance
  • F = Feedback which should be provided regularly
  • T = Timely Approach, where this is done over time and not at the last minute

Managers should be encouraged to find a D E F T or similar approach as a personal management technique to engaging with employees. This ensures that all of the principles of pre-discipline are carried out prior to any consideration of formal or informal disciplinary processes.

Organisations that encourage Managers to be consistent in their pre-discipline processes will ensure that all of the right messages are given informally to employees before the commencement of any formal disciplinary processes.

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