Tips On Letting Staff Go During Probation

It is imperative that employers put in place a very good process for letting

staff go during probation. The process should be similar to a

disciplinary process whereby an individual manager discusses the

performance issue with their employee. They should then move through a

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), Investigation, Performance/Suitability

Hearing and the possibility of an appeal if the decision goes against the



Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)


A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is achieved during a discussion

between a manager and an employee about a plan as to how the

performance of the employee can improve and within what timeframe.

PIPs are regularly used in assessing the Performance/Suitability of



To read a more detailed account of the requirements on an employer and how PIP’s can help in Probation and other Reviews

please see Mini-Article on this subject.