Performance and Development

Enhancing Individual and Team Performance

HRforSMEs utilises a simple model for Performance Management – the D E F T approach.

D E F T focuses on:

  • Achieving excellent *D*ialogue about the job
  • Clarifying *E*xpectations that each employee has of the job
  • Providing regular ongoing F*eedback
  • Delivering all of the above in a T*imely manner

The D E F T Model forms the basis of an excellent short book ‘Performance Management – Developing People and Performance’ by Frank Scott-Lennon and Fergus Barry which is published by Management Briefs – a sister company of HRforSMEs. [put in link to that particular book within management brief website. To open in a different window]

Coaching and Mentoring

Many SME organisations now see the value of Coaching and Mentoring as a means for developing employee performance and creating a better focus on priorities within the organisation.
It is our experience that real learning can take place within the relationship that can be established by a good Coach/Mentor who will focus on:

  • Key responsibilities of those being coached/mentored
  • Ways of enhancing skill levels to meet these responsibilities
  • Putting in place action plans to apply these skills

HRforSMEs personnel have extensive experience in providing coaches/mentors for SMEs; all of these coaches/mentors are experienced individuals who have occupied senior management positions within organisations and who therefore have a high level of expertise to share with those being coached and/or mentored.

Management Development

Owner/Managers in SMEs are often so busy that they don’t focus on their own development or the development of some of their other managers. HRforSMEs can help in such situations through the provision of short impactful sessions on issues such as:

  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Dignity & Respect
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Performance Management
  • Time Management
  • Discipline Handling

HrforSMEs provide short, sharp and focused training sessions rather than lengthy courses. This maximises the learning for individuals and our modular approach aids the process of applying that learning within their organisation.