Practical HR Advice

Day-to-Day HR Advice as Urgent Issues Arise

Frank and his experienced team are available to Owner/Managers within SMEs to provide day-to-day advice on urgent issues as they arise within the organisation, such as:

  • An urgent disciplinary or grievance matter
  • A legal issue that faces the organisation
  • A Trade Union claim that un-nerves the organisation

By engaging with us, you will have the benefit of immediately and expert advice on issues such as:

Discipline & Grievance Handling

The requirements of legislation and best practice have created a veritable minefield in the area of handling discipline; not all Owner/Managers are as skilled as they need to be in this intricate area. has extensive experience both of Progressive Discipline and Gross Misconduct situations and our experts can directly assist Owner/Managers in the handling of these delicate discipline situations and advise on:

  • Best Practice Investigation procedures
  • Employee Grievances
  • All organisations are now required by law to have clear procedures in respect of the airing of any grievance that an employee may have. can help SMEs in this area by:

Putting in place the required procedures and behaviours that would develop Best Practice Grievance Handling in their organisation
Helping Managers realise that expert handling of grievances builds trust with employees
Assisting in the resolution of grievances at as low a level as possible and as speedily as possible, thereby demonstrating the manager’s commitment to employees

Assisting with Recruitment of Key Staff

Selecting the right team members for your organisation is a critical task for SMEs. can help with:

  • Clarifying the job description for the job to be filled
  • Aiding in the search for candidates that meet the Job Specification
  • Designing interview questions and scenarios that aid the selection process
  • Assisting at interviews and in selection process

Bullying & Harassment – Values and Best Practice

Owner/Managers must be keenly aware of all aspects of their own and colleague behaviour ensuring that none of same gives rise to feelings within employees that they are being bullied or harassed. can help SMEs prevent B&H situations through:

  • Identifying risks for organisations
  • Achieving best practice responses to B&H situations
  • Developing a culture where individuals feels they can ‘speak up’
  • Implementing excellent mediation process that significantly reduces the risk of escalation
  • Protecting the rights of both parties in B&H situations

Health and Safety at Work

Health & Safety at work has become a critical issue for all organisations and HRforSMEs can provide SMEs with specific expertise in the areas of:

  • Health & Safety Risk Management
  • Achieving a Safety Culture
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Basic safety training in the Workplace

International Dimensions of HR

Some SMEs focus on the international market to the extent that they employ staff and consultants overseas.
HRforSMEs has experience of helping such organisations:

  • Adjust their HR practices to the requirements of the local environment
  • Localisation of contracts of employment, as appropriate
  • Re-location issues

Industrial Relations and Trade Union Negotiation

Many Owner/Managers are not as familiar as they might be with Industrial Relations procedures and the nitty gritty of Trade Union negotiation.

HRforSMEs has particular experience and expertise within the Industrial Relations area and regularly helps SMEs in the areas of:

  • Trade Union negotiation, at local and Official levels
  • Representing EMEs at Rights Commissioners, LRC, Labour Court, EAT and Equality Tribunal
  • Enhancing flexibility and productivity
  • Improving attendance at work