Strategic Advice

Many SMEs in today’s competitive environment are forced into the area of redundancy and/or short-time working as they strive to survive in our competitive world.

HRforSMEs has helped several organisations through this difficult phase of their life cycle, particularly through:

  • Identifying key staff requirements for the business and establishing the rights and obligations of the organisation towards employees whose jobs may be redundant
  • Helping redundant employees cope with their situation
  • Ensuring that remaining employees stay focused on the critical issues for the business

Short-Time Working

Many SMEs have had to reduce the hours of work of some/all staff and if unfamiliar with this process HRforSMEs can help with:

  • Clarity of the explanation required for staff
  • Temporary nature of short-time working
  • Methods of selection for short-time working


HRforSMEs has extensive experience in negotiating redundancies with trade unions and with staff representatives where the Owner/Managers prefer another person to take the lead role. Alternatively the Owner/Manager may prefer HRforSMEs to be in the background helping with:

  • Negotiation strategy
  • Optimum influencing approaches
  • Selection for redundancy issues
  • Redundancy packages

Placement Support

HRforSMEs can provide support for staff being made redundant in the areas of:

  • Coping with the shock of redundancy
  • Analysing their skill sets
  • Preparation of CVs
  • Development of Interview Skills